Sweet anticipation

by Janie Jones

Today the spud begins first grade. Now I suppose every mother this time of year is feeling bittersweet about their tales of the offspring growing up. I am excited to see the spud get older. I am not especially fond of the tinies. I like the older kids you can actually do stuff with instead of to or for.

Anyway, we had visitation day last Thursday where the spud got to meet her new teacher, see her classroom and try out her very own desk with her name on it. Apparently the desk next to hers is going to be occupied by a boy named Anthony. I did not notice the name on the desk next to hers, so I’m not sure if this is truth or a fabrication of her very fertile imagination. In any event, Anthony has been the topic of many a conversation since Thursday and of much excitement. This morning the following conversation ensued:

Spud: Momma I’ve never met Anthony before.

Me: Well you will get to meet him today.

Leif: Maybe he likes to be called Tony.

Spud: His name is Anthony!

Leif: Tony is a nick name for Anthony. Maybe he likes to be called Tony instead.

Spud: Well I’d never say that.

Leif: What if he asks you to call him that.

Spud: I wouldn’t. Momma, I might be shy to meet Tony. (The spud doesn’t have a shy bone in her body, it’s merely a Disney-esque act.)

Me: You’ll be fine. Just say “Hi!” and tell him your name.

Spud: Anthony will like my shoes.

Me: Oh you think so?

Spud: Yeah. And, I’ll like his shirt.

Me: Then you should say so. Say, “Hi Anthony. I like your shirt, it’s very nice.”

Spud: Yeah, and then he’ll say, “And Meredith, I like your shoes a lot.”

No that child’s not shy really.


One Comment to “Sweet anticipation”

  1. Hopefully the teacher is interesting and prevents the distractions that tug bright minds away from boring subjects.

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