And so begins the homework grind….

by Janie Jones

While so many of you are enjoying your 3 day weekend in the States, or elsewhere even just a regular weekend, I must hit the books.

Spanish class, which started two weeks ago is in full swing with our first exam on Thursday, and the rest of my courses start on Wednesday. Before then, however, I already have homework assigned. Ah, the joy of college online courses; they assign homework before the first official day of class. Bastards.

I have a total of 21 credit hours for Fall Term. What was I thinking?!? Oh, yeah, graduate in 3 years, and make the most of the university’s policy of not charging for more than 13 credit hours a semester. Being a penny pincher can really pinch and bind in other places, like say, your ass and your personal life. The two may or may not be related…. Anyway, luckily one of my classes only runs 4 weeks. If I can make it until September 30th, I should hopefully be in the clear, hopefully with my ass intact.

So, dear blog friends, if you don’t hear much from me here or in comments, never fear. Please send me all the spare neurons you can offer and I’ll touch base as often as my limited temporal resources will allow. And, if this or future posts make no sense or are little less than whining bitch fests, well, I apologize in advance. After so much information is downloaded my brain sort of short circuits. Like yesterday afternoon, in which I spent 4 hours doing all my Spanish homework in hopes of getting ahead.

I ramble. Con permiso, as we say en la clase de espanol (I really have to learn how to make accents and ~’s over my spanish palabras- hey, does this count at all toward studying?).

I could use that medicine cabinet wormhole working to my advantage right about now….


4 Comments to “And so begins the homework grind….”

  1. I remember those days. I miss them. Wish it was me 🙂

  2. It’s not so much the learning and the studying, it’s the amount of time and money this education is drawing away from my family with no guarantee I’ll get the good paying job I need when I’m done. There’s a lot of pressure riding on this education. But I’m sure you know all about that….

  3. Don’t forget an occassional power nap. Neurons will fatigue and start sending the wrong information. Eventually, they reach the point there’s nothing much you can do but stare and drool all over your keyboard.

  4. No kidding. The staring and drooling happens more often than I’d really like to admit….

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