Six Word Saturday – Asbestos Mouth Needed

by Janie Jones

Janie has been craving homemade salsa. Last year’s tomato harvest was so prolific that we made a couple huge batches and they rocked. After that, shelf stable Old El Paso just doesn’t cut it.

However, this year the Jalapenos and Serranos were extra hot. I used the same amount as usual, but whoo-doggies! That’s hot! Even ol’ asbestos mouth Leif had to admit, “That’s got some bite.”

If you are interested in creating edible toxic waste, here’s my recipe:

Janie’s Homemade Salsa

Roughly chop your favorite tomatoes. I prefer Beefsteak and Cherry tomatoes, but I also have used Romas and plain slicing tomatoes. Make sure they are at peak ripeness for best flavor, ideally, grow your own.

Put tomatoes in a blender and puree just a few seconds until you have about 2 cups of a wateryish pulpy mixture. You can easily add more or less tomatoes depending on how much you consume. Generally I find we can easily eat any amount I make faster than I’d expect because it is so yummy.

Then add approximately 1 Jalapeno and 1 Serrano pepper to the blender and puree a few more seconds. Note: The heat factor of peppers really varies! If you want mild salsa just add a few slices at a time until you reach desired heat. For even milder salsa be sure to remove all pepper seeds. Because size of peppers and heat factor varies so much, I usually buy a few extra peppers so if I end up with very mild peppers I can add more than one of each. There’s no way to know before chopping and mixing what you’re going to get, so you’ll have to torture yourself with frequent tasting (you might want to consider buying an extra bag of chips just for taste testing…). Luckily, the peppers tend to only cost a few cents so even a cheapskate like me has no qualms about buying more than I might need.

If you don’t like watery salsa you can add some tomato paste to thicken to taste. Generally no more than a small can (6 oz). Puree a few seconds to mix in if desired.

Transfer salsa to a mixing bowl. Add 2-3 Tablespoons of lime juice, some chopped cilantro, and minced garlic, coarse sea salt and coarse ground pepper to taste. The lime juice is important. You can use fresh limes or “Realime” juice in the bottles. You will notice you have added enough when you get a fresh tang to the salsa. You shouldn’t actually taste the lime independently, unless you like lime salsa…. I like about two Tablespoons of minced garlic, and probably about 1 Tablespoon of salt but I’ve never measured, I just add until it tastes good. I use a pepper grinder, so it’s hard to say how much I use. Maybe half of a Tablespoon. I buy cilantro in a bunch from the grocery store, I use about half the bundle, but they may not be standard size. Cilantro has a citrusy-soapy sort of smell some people do not like as well as others; we argue about how much in the Jones household because I love it, and Leif not so much.

Next finely dice an Anaheim pepper and 1 large bell pepper and stir into mixture. Any sweet variety of bell pepper will work, but I like to use half a yellow and half an orange to give the salsa an aesthetically pleasing mix of color.

Last finely slice about 2-3 green onion bottoms and stir into mixture. You can use the tops (leaves) as well if you like.

Optional extra step: I like to chop a few (say, 8-12 or so) cherry tomatoes into small bite size pieces to give the salsa a little more texture and body.

When starting with approximately 2 cups of pureed tomatoes you should end up with around 1 quart of salsa. If kept properly refrigerated, it will keep for a few weeks. To maintain freshness longer, do not dip chips out of main container, scoop only what you want to use into a separate dish and discard unused portion when finished or save separately so as not to contaminate your main batch.

Best when chilled thoroughly before enjoying. Serve with your favorite chips (definitely blue corn tortilla chips), sour cream &/or guacamole. We also like it as a topping on our favorite Mexican style foods.

Happy Six Word Saturday!

Six Word Saturday Challenge is courtesy of Show My Face, Six Word Saturday


21 Comments to “Six Word Saturday – Asbestos Mouth Needed”

  1. Why don’t you just eat dynamite?

  2. Oops, explosively tasty?!

  3. Made me smile and giggle!
    Must have been some hot salsa!
    I like hot…..
    Not sure I could handle that.

    • I’m not really a hot salsa person either, but when you make it yourself it some how seems more worth a little burn. I will, however, take my own advice and add the Jalapenos and Serranos a few slices at a time for the next batch. She can be taught!

  4. I like mild salsa! I got some last week at the Farmers Market and it was HOT!

  5. Thanks for the recipe and and details. I will make some someday before too long…when I am in a spicy mood!

    Happy Saturday!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  6. stopping by from Six-word Saturday; I like your recipe for salsa! I bet it is delicious! enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. Thanks for visiting! It is a good recipe, and I personally will vouch that it is indeed delicious! Of course, I could be biased.

  8. I want to know how you make salsa with all the yummy flavour and none of the burn which requires an asbestos mouth. Love that description

    • Making non toxic salsa depends largely on your peppers and how much you use. I generally agree that I like mine rather mild but some times the peppers are just hotter than others. If you are feeling the craving, but hesitant to brave the burn, start by very carefully removing all seeds and the “veins” from inside your Jalapenos and Serranos. Then just use a few slices at a time to get enough flavor with out the death warrant. Don’t pull a Janie and just toss the whole things in there…. Learned my lesson!

      Anaheim peppers are naturally pretty mild, in my opinion, but you can still remove the seeds and veins there for a little extra safety precaution.

      Nothing compares with fresh salsa, in fact, I won’t eat salsa that’s not homemade. I encourage anyone to be brave and experiment to find the quantity of peppers that works for your taste buds. It’s worth it, and there are few better ways to use a bumper harvest of homegrown tomatoes.

  9. I’m a salsa wimp; like it spicy, but prefer to survive the experience. Now that I think about it, I guess it’s my basic lifestyle philosophy. Thanks for stopping by the eggs; sorry I served them sans salsa. Bon appetit!

  10. That’s a good philosophy! I’m not much a fan of eggs and salsa, they are perfectly flavored just as they are.

  11. Love your 6 words, but I enjoy salsa mild! I do prefer homemade, though without the explosion!

  12. I am going to have to try this..and I will definitely let you know!

  13. My rule for spicy foods is that I don’t want it so spicy it hurts twice

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