Helpful hint

by Janie Jones

Before buying the 3 pound chuck roast, read your Complete Meat cookbook to determine how the recipe recommends cooking the roast and ascertain it will fit in your dutch oven &/or roasting pan.

Or just pull a Janie, buy the roast then when you have the oven all preheated and are ready to go realize the meat is too long to fit in your dutch oven.  Oh, and realize you don’t have a rack to roast the meat on either.


4 Comments to “Helpful hint”

  1. That’s when you cut it down to fit and make a roasting tray out of kitchen utensils. When you’re through, you have a redneck chuck roast.

    • Ha ha! I used the ring tops of canning jars and part of a camping kettle grill. It was ghetto-matic, but it worked. And, as the roast was long and relatively thin I just curled it up around itself. Redneck or not, it was de-licious.

  2. That is why I will not buy a roast over a certain weight. This has happened way too many times to me.

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