The F Word

by Janie Jones

For you Gordon Ramsay fans, you probably know that he professes this show’s infamous F word to mean Food.

Well, I’ve just gotten the first disc and I can’t say the F word means fabulous. Just my opinion, but I won’t be ordering the other 3 seasons.

And, what is his obsession with getting undressed in front of the camera?


3 Comments to “The F Word”

  1. I saw the comedian Johnny Vegas on a chat-show programme with Gordon Ramsay one night and he said “we love your show. Me and me mates throw Gordon Ramsay style-parties.”
    “Really?” said Gordon, a bit proudly.
    “Yes,” said Johnny, “we all stand around in the kitchen and tell each other to fuck off.”
    Gordon was not impressed.

  2. Great story, Tinman.

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about GR. He is unpleasant and not a nice man.

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