Something strange

by Janie Jones

I just finished helping my ex pack a moving truck. Just me and him. And his small collection of belongings. He’s moving some 11-13 hours away. Back to the town of his birth. Back to the place he calls ‘home.’

The spud, who is not moving with daddy, was sobbing in that way kids do when they are confused and sad and can’t quite reconcile their emotions and it comes out kinda fakey though it’s probably genuine. “Momma, I’m going to miss daddy!”

“I know honey, but you can use your new pink phone to call daddy when ever you want to talk to him. And you’ll see him for holidays and next summer too. Plus, you’ll be so busy being a big girl in first grade you’ll not even have time to be sad.” Much hugs and kisses.

The spud is going down with daddy for the week to see friends and family. But, he’s returning her a week from Sunday to be back in time for first grade. “Momma, I’m going to miss daddy’s house. I like this little house. I always come here to see daddy.”

“It’s okay sweetheart, you’ll like daddy’s new house. “Uncle” Curt lives there too, you’ll like “Uncle” Curt. And, you’ll see Grandpa Henry and “Auntie” Gwen and all daddy’s other friends that live near his new house.” More hugs and kisses, and some crocodile tears. Then they are off, the spud giggling as she settles into her safety seat in cab of the big truck yet still trying to cry at the same time.

I am cognizant of a vaguely ominous sensation in the region of my heart as I watch the truck roll down the street.

It is a bizarre feeling. Relief and anger all in one. I feel worst for the spud because she’s used to seeing her daddy ever other night and all weekend ever other weekend. I’m worried about her, but things will be fine, it just seems so strange. Surreal even.

Tomorrow I’m going to clean his apartment (not so strange, he’s paying me well). It’s empty of everything but an inflatable mattress for when he returns and some toiletries. Despite the near total vacancy it still feels odd, vaguely like wearing someone else’s shoes, shoes still warm from their foot print.

It is a bizarre feeling.


6 Comments to “Something strange”

  1. Change is often like that. Poor Spud. Fortunately, children are quite adaptable and it will all seem normal after a while.

  2. It’s like reading the final paragraph of a book. There’s a sequel, but it’s only an idea without substance.

    • I’ve heard people say that if you leave a cliff hanger your readers will come back hungry for more. Isn’t that life for ya? You always want more than you get.

      Then again, I’ve also heard people say that when telling a story you should leave a little something to the imagination. In a life without substance I suppose that might be a tall order. ;P

  3. It takes something like puppy breath, or a perfect evening to put it all in perspective. Life is exactly how you perceive what you find. If you find more things wonderful, your life is wonderful.

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