Happy Birthday LeeAnn?

by Janie Jones

So, the other night I’m sawing logs with great abandon and apparently my dream self is attending LeeAnn’s birthday. Sherri is there too, and a bunch of other people from the Harley Davidson factory. If it seems weird that I’m dreaming about bloggers whom I’ve never formally met, or about motorcycle factories when I don’t ride, then I suppose this is going to be a bizarre post.

Anyway, we are cozied up on a sofa in one of my old residences (?) eating lemonchello dream bars and the best brownies ever while LeeAnn begins to open her gifts. One of the HD factory workers, a woman who bears a strong resemblance to the character from the movie Mist who is the first to flee the grocery store to get home to her small children, and apparently one of LeeAnn’s best friends, bought her a cashmere vest with a seashell print chintz front (think tacky craft show style).

HDFW: I thought this would be better than the darker one, the colors (sea foam green, gold and turquoise) will go so nicely with your eyes and coloring.

LeeAnn: *fingering the fabric* Um, thanks. I’ll look just smokin’ when I wear it crusin’ around town on my new Hog.

Sherri: *snorts*

Then LeeAnn reached for another present and I woke up.


2 Comments to “Happy Birthday LeeAnn?”

  1. Was there cake? I hope there was cake to go with the other stuff. I mean, you can’t blow out candles on a lemonchello bar, it’s just not DONE.
    I do need a Harley, don’t I? Why yes…. yes I do.
    Pretty good dream. Most of mine wind up with zombies and/or politicians chasing me with axes.

    • Sorry, I woke up before the cake. But, isn’t that always the way with dreams? Just when you’re having a good one the alarm goes off, the cat sits on your face or the spud jumps on you.

      I’m glad however, that you didn’t reply that it actually was your birthday yesterday, because that would have been way to weird….

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