Spudisms #9

by Janie Jones

Spud: Momma, where does pasta come from?

Me: Italy.

Uncle Leif: Would you like to go to Italy?

Spud: *nodding* I’ve never been to Italy before.

Uncle Leif: Me neither. We should go some day. We can eat lots of pasta and see cool things like the Coliseum.

Spud: *still nodding* Okay.

Uncle Leif: And you and I can fight with each other in the Coliseum. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Spud: No. I just don’t like fighting. I just like eating those noodles with the straight lines.

Uncle Leif: Ah, come on, it’ll be fun! Just so we can say we fought in the Coliseum.

Spud: *seriously* No. I just get a rash from fighting. I bruise easy. *strokes her cheek* No. I guess I can just stay home and eat noodles.


One Comment to “Spudisms #9”

  1. A pragmatist, I see 🙂

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