At the moment of triumph, I suck

by Janie Jones

In our scrabble game tonight I was getting my ass handed to me in a neat and tidy way, as usual. Then, luck changed and I played RAVISH, then ZERO with a double letter tile on the Z, then QUIZ with a triple word tile. And finally, I played QUAIL off the Q. It kicked ass! I walked away with my highest game score ever in scrabble (we keep track of these things) at 308, only two points away from Leif’s highest score ever of 310.

Then, like a complete idiot, we dumped the tiles back into the bag with out taking a photo. But, Leif saw it too, and is a good enough sport to verify the story.


One Comment to “At the moment of triumph, I suck”

  1. Oh no! I do that all the time (forget to take photos of interesting things); it’s annoying.

    Well done, anyway!

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