To do list: 1. get ripped off by Stickittoyou University 2. go buy new 21 foot ladder so you can climb up to the bell tower and do something inappropriate in retribution

by Janie Jones

I probably shouldn’t tempt fate with a title like that on my blog. No, I’m not really going to do anything inappropriate in retribution, but I did buy a new ladder. It’s for hanging holiday icicle lights, really it is.

So today Leif and I drove into the Big City and did some errands.

Among our many trips I had to go by Stickittoyou University campus and beg for more money to pay my outrageous tuition bill. Apparently, even after state and federal grants I still needs muster in excess of $12,000 USD for the upcoming fall and spring semesters. This will not include books, miscellaneous fees, parking, or traveling to and from said university.

After this thrilling part of our day, I had to go upstairs to the bookstore. There was one more book I needed for classes which was not in stock yet when I went two weeks ago. Of course there were no used copies, and the full price of said book, being all of, I kid you not, half an inch thick with a flimsy laminated cover that wouldn’t hold up to a sneeze, was $75. Standing in the stacks grumbling Leif comes over.

Leif: Are you done?

Janie: I suppose. Can you believe this sad little pamphlet is going to put me back $75?

Leif: That! You’ve got to be kidding me.

Gentleman of maybe a few years older than ourselves standing near by: Which book is that?

Janie: *Holding up the offending title* Can you imagine? At least if I’m buying a book such as this *pick up a 10 pound hard cover tome of physics* I feel a little less taken advantage of, I mean, seriously at least you could kill someone with this book if you had to.

Gentleman omafyotosnb: There’s no used copies?

Janie: No, I think they switched to a new edition this year.

Gentleman omafyotosnb: *sighs* And there’s no need for that. I’m sure the information hasn’t changed. What really changes that much? *points to a mechanical engineering book* I’ve been having my classes use this same edition for about the last 10 or 12 years and I won’t stop until they stop printing it altogether. The science doesn’t change, so why gouge the students.

To bad I’m not taking mechanics. I’d really appreciate that professor. I hear though, I can rent the book for half price, and at the end of the semester they will keep my $35 bucks and they’ll graciously take my book back and rent it to someone else for $35 bucks. Heaven forbid, however, that it get wet or damaged in any way, because then I’d be responsible for paying the full $75 for the new book on top of the rental fee. Now, seriously, that’s just raping your students. Why not just charge the difference of the new book price and the rental fee? The bookstore isn’t loosing anything because it’s still getting the full price either way. Oh, whatever *thrusts palm forward* talk to the hand. I know. I know. Educational bureaucracy, publishing rights, profit margins yada, yada, yada.

Hrumph. You can bet I’ll be scouring the internet for a cheap copy of this book in hopes to avoid the obscenity of textbook fees.

When we felt quite thoroughly violated enough at the university we went on down the road a piece to the Menards. We like Menards. We save big money. Well, we would if we’d stop buying things like Sprecher cream soda, giant travel mugs shaped to fit into your vehicle cup holders, and 100′ hanks of utility rope every time we pop in for say, a 21′ multi-position ladder that we’ve been coveting ever since last winter when we borrowed the neighbor’s ladder which looked like it was a Civil War era antique to hang up my holiday icicle lights.

But it had a $20 rebate! Whoo-hoo. And if this one collapses on Leif, we have the right to sue because it’s rated to 300lbs. A very important detail, as my small ladder which was only rated to 200lbs collapsed on him last June. Not kidding, and yes, it was not a good thing at all. If that seems a bit of an understatement, well, it is.

So the moral of this story is, Janie would much rather spend her money on the fun things, or even the useful things of life, and not so much on a retarded textbook. Can you blame me?

This education better land me one kick ass job when I finally graduate.


2 Comments to “To do list: 1. get ripped off by Stickittoyou University 2. go buy new 21 foot ladder so you can climb up to the bell tower and do something inappropriate in retribution”

  1. The person asked the wise old man: “What is life?”

    He answered: “Give me ten dollars.”

    “I only have one dollar.”

    “That’s life”

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