*sigh* some days it sucks to be 6, but it sucks more to be a goldfish

by Janie Jones

The Grim Reaper made a visit to the Jones family fish tank late this afternoon. Libby, the county fair prize fish which sparked our fish frenzy was found dead of a bleeding gill this evening after dinner. She had appeared fine just 2 hours earlier. Specific cause of the bleeding gill is unknown, however, speculation is that she got wedged in the big piece of stiff plastic seaweed, thrashed about and sliced her gill &/or got seaweed wedged in the gill. The body of the deceased was found still trapped in the fake seaweed.

Mourners, including the spud and myself gathered for a burial in the vegetable garden. A tombstone of wood marks her final resting place and a fat, sassy earthworm blessed the fresh earth mound of her grave.

The spud is weeping mournfully, but has been commissioned to draw a rendering of the dear departed goldfish named Libby to be prominently displayed alongside the fish tank so the survivors unable to attend the graveside service can hold vigil.

Sleep is a reconciling,
A rest that Peace begets.
Doth not the sun rise smiling
When fair at e’en he sets
Rest you then, rest, sad eyes,
Melt not in weeping
While she lies sleeping,
Softly, softly, now softly lies sleeping.

2 Comments to “*sigh* some days it sucks to be 6, but it sucks more to be a goldfish”

  1. Poor spud. Still, it will toughen her up. When Tingirl’s first fish (Captain Haddock) passed over (yep, I’ve watched Ghost Whisperer) she sobbed for about two days.

    Three or four fish later so would simply arrive into the kitchen and announce “Archie’s dead” and head back to whatever she was doing.

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