You’ve got to be kidding me

by Janie Jones

It’s approximately 6:15 am.

Janie is slumbering away, no cares, no morning appointments to wake up early for.

The cell phone chimes.


A thousand different scenes of disaster requiring emergent attention flash through sleepy mind as Janie springs from bed and scrambles for phone.

It’s a text from the ex who’s got the spud.

“Spud at my place not day care. When will u pick her up?”

So, apparently this is urgent information that must be sent before 6:30 am. Seeing as there is no summer school for me right now, why in the world does this message need to be sent before 6:30 am?!? Now, normally I don’t even have my cell phone on, which makes this doubly dumb, as I might not even notice this message all day. No call to the home phone, which has a blinking light flash when I miss a call or have voice mail, no email which I check usually twice a day.

I can only assume that the ex was up for work, decided to call in sick instead, and wanted to just notify me then so he could drug himself and go to bed.

Sorry, am I sounding peevish? I should be sounding thoroughly vexed. Now my beauty sleep is disturbed and I am left to stew over the stupid reason for it.


2 Comments to “You’ve got to be kidding me”

  1. But maybe you don’t need beauty sleep. Is that you in the picture?

    Having said that, I’d have gone mad as well. (I’m off from Wednesday to Friday, and I’ve said if work need me they can ring, but I’ll be bloody raging if they do).

  2. Awww. I’m not sure which picture you’re referring to, but I’ll take that as a smarmy compliment.

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