TGIF randomness… Caution: this post may make no sense, just like some movie ratings.

by Janie Jones

Howdy ya’ll! It’s Friday! Janie’s feeling particularly silly today. If this post makes almost as much sense as my spam comment, then I’ll know I’m doing better than okay.

From the Spam Blocker: thanks to Steven Bort for “It took me some time, but I’ve finally accepted casual Friday’s–not as they are, but as what I have made them to be.”

Well, Steven, I’m glad you’ve come to terms with casual ‘Friday’s’ but what the Sam Hill is that box with the numbers in it? I hope it’s not some virus.

And, in case it is important for you all to know, I’m making my peace with casual ‘Friday’s’ too. I’m going to sit in my jammies and read today. Maybe when I get tired of reading I’ll go out for a bit. But if I do, I promise I’ll go casual, just denim capris and a tee shirt.

Now, inquiring minds want to know; if you’re a stripper what does casual Friday look like at your work place? Are birthday suits considered dressy or casual? What about sequined pasties? Are the see thru kind considered formal or casual? And what if it is opposites day, then do strippers start naked and quickly put on 3 piece Banker’s suits?

And, now on to something completely different.

Last night watching “Predators” the movie was rated R for strong creature violence and gore, and pervasive language.

Janie: Pervasive language?!?

Leif: What’s pervasive language.

Janie: You know, language that appears with great frequency through out the movie.

Leif: No kidding.

Janie: No kidding. Do you think they say goody gum drops 10 times every fifteen minutes? Would that constitute pervasive?

The movie was okay, but I had more fun poking fun at the rating.

Happy Friday.


One Comment to “TGIF randomness… Caution: this post may make no sense, just like some movie ratings.”

  1. lol! Your rating story is very funny. 🙂

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