We fish you a happy holiday

by Janie Jones

Friday we took the spud to the county fair.

We had a blast. The spud was tall enough and brave enough to ride all the rides. Of course she also wanted to try all the carnival games, but I was not about to shell out a truck load of cash for her to either come away empty handed or worse yet, win a crappy toy that she didn’t need and would soon be forgotten in the deep dark recesses of her closet.

However, near the back of the fairgrounds we came upon a game where for one dollar you would get 6 ping pong balls. If you could land a ping pong ball in one of many little cups you won a goldfish. I had a soft spot for this kind of game, as once as a young spud myself I actually was allowed to play this game at a fair and won a fish. So thinking there was no chance that chance would favor my family twice in two generations, I let the spud play. Her second ball went right into a cup as if meant to go there. A perfect toss. So then I stood there sweating it out that she’d get more balls into cups. Luckily, I think, we only walked away with one fish, but the guy handing out the fish was kind enough to grant our request for one of the multicolored fish. It’s really rather pretty, for a cheap feeder goldfish.

Good job, Spud.


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