Double Take

by Janie Jones

Leif brought these in from the garden the other day and left them sitting on the kitchen counter. Every time I walk through the kitchen I swear there are two dead moles on my counter.

At first it was somewhat disconcerting. Now it’s just hysterical.

Me: Are you going to eat those moles, or what?

Leif: Moles? What are you talking about, Woman?

Me: Your moles… *pointing and giggling at said beets* I swear they look just like dead moles at first glance.

Leif: *Laughing* The do look like dead moles, don’t they.

Me: Seriously. Are you going to eat them, or just leave them there for comic relief.

Leif: *Shrugs*

Me: Inquiring minds want to know. I want to get a picture before you eat them.

So there’s the picture. I suppose it’s not as funny in a blog as it was in real life. But I assure you that now every time we go through the kitchen, even several days later, we shake our heads, laugh and mumble something like, “Damn if they don’t look just like dead moles.”

You realize that they can never be eaten now. They have become an icon of hilarity and we neither of us can bare to part with them. Or at least until they begin to smell.


One Comment to “Double Take”

  1. They do look like dead rodents 🙂

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