Spiders, Anteaters, Chupacabras… Oh, my!

by Janie Jones

Because it seems lately like everyone (meaning Laura) is having bathroom visitors of creepy &/or bizarre caliber, I feel compelled to add my two cents and my 8×10 color glossy picture with the circles and the arrows and a paragraph along side (except there aren’t any circles and arrows because I’m not that good at photo shop).

This morning as I’m brushing my teeth, the spud, who at age 6 still has not figured out how to cut the apron strings much less that bathrooms have a certain implied level of privacy, says:

Momma! What’s that in the bathtub?

Me: Miii dwwonna whoa.

Spud: What?

Me: Immm buwffhing mwiii tiwfff.

Spud: Momma look!

Me *spit out tooth paste* Can’t it wait, I’m brushing my teeth.

Spud: Is that a bug in the tub?

Me *squinting* Probably, I don’t have my contacts in yet.

Spud: What kind of bug is it?

Me: I can’t see that well from here, and I’m not getting closer thank you.

Spud: How’d it get in there?

Me: I don’t know those bugs are tricky, aren’t they.

Spud: Yeah.

So, when I finished brushing my teeth, putting in my contacts and stripped down to bathe, the lovely little critter was still basking in my tub. Naturally, I ran for the camera, and unlike those unreliable and devious spiders, anteaters and chupacabras, it was politely waiting for me to snap it’s photo before plucking it up in a wad of toilet paper and flushing it down into oblivion. Maybe it was a suicidal bug.

And, BTW, the spell checker doesn’t recognize chupacabras. Apologies if it is misspelled….

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