Sneak preview

by Janie Jones


It’s Friday, and I’ve lost nearly the whole week to the pestilence residing within my sinuses.

Thank you for those who have provided sympathy and not taken my bad attitude personally.

The result of it being Friday and having shirked as much as possible in order to pamper the pestilence has caused me to be in a pickle with my studies. By midnight tonight I have 50 some pages of dry textbook reading to plow through and hopefully retain enough to pass the test I need to take when I’m done. Also due before midnight is an assignment which is intended to prove I not only retained enough dry facts to pass the multiple choice test, but I actually assimilated and understood the value of said dry textbook reading.

Ergo, I shouldn’t even be typing this blog post right now. I should be holed up in a quite place assiduously reading away.

However, one or two bright shining lights from the week need mentioning:

Yesterday, Tinman nominated me for the Blog Lovin Award. Wooo-hooo!

Thank you. Who would have thought that the motherly insecurities about buying my daughter a cell phone would have been piqued by Laughykate’s friends three-year old’s I phone competence and lead you find my blog. The world is a strange and wonderful place.

Anyway. In respect of the honor bestowed upon me I will fulfill the duties of the Blog Lovin Award, but it will have to wait. I’ve already gone a bit overboard on this post.

But. One more bit: I want to thank Leif for understanding.


3 Comments to “Sneak preview”

  1. It is odd how we’ve all ended up knowing each other all over the world.

    Laughykate says she originally started reading mine after a comment I made on someone else’s blog about how surprised people sometimes get when I get angry, which I described as “like suddenly being told to fuck off by Paddington Bear”.

  2. Ohh, that comment still makes me laugh, Tinman !

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