um, ever hear of a telephone?!?

by Janie Jones

I have a very nice landlady, and a very nice house I rent from her. But it is an old house, and from time to time general maintenance is needed and very nice landlady always sees to the projects expeditiously and without complaint. On Monday, the preferred handyman came by and had a look at the various projects in need of attention. He said he’d pop by and take some outside measurements for the gutter work needing to be done and later in the week he’d work on painting a sealant on the leaky basement closet.

This morning, groggy and coughing up each lung one by one, half blind between no contacts being in and my eyes half crusted shut, I tottered out of bed to the sound of the doorbell. Thankfully I slept in yoga pants and a tee shirt instead of normal summer jammies which consist of underpants and a camisole, usually threadbare and partially see through. Well, lucky for me, unlucky for the male visitor, for who should appear unannounced? Preferred handyman.

Thanks. Couldn’t at least called on your way over?


One Comment to “um, ever hear of a telephone?!?”

  1. too true! I know the feeling…

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