Pop Quiz #2

by Janie Jones

Inquiring minds want to know: Does farts count as a playable word in scrabble?

I really need a scrabble dictionary….

2 Comments to “Pop Quiz #2”

  1. I say yes.

    Also fartable (something like baked beans that cause farts) and fartface, the face you make while you’re trying to hold one in.

    And if fart wasn’t a real word, then women would not be able to claim that women don’t fart.

  2. Oh, good grief! I hope Leif doesn’t read your comment. He’s always playing barely legitimate words. My dictionary is like 40 years old, so a lot of “modern” language isn’t in there and therefore he argues it’s not fair. I roll my eyes and as any good girl does I say, okay, this time…. Although, now I suppose I can play at his game. Fartable and fartface could use all 7 tiles at once, allowing for the 50 point bonus….

    Hmmmn. Fartable food for thought.

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