Pop Quiz, an exciting new feature at Janie’s Place….

by Janie Jones

When you hear the word epidemic, what disease comes to your mind first?

Seriously, inquiring minds want to know. Janie is required to do this survey for a summer course and your help would be greatly appreciated. However, I think it makes for almost as good blog fodder as the WordPress theme of the day. I’m looking forward to seeing what the wide world comes up with. And, for you snarky butts out there, the Zombie Apocalypse is not a real disease.

Those of you who are so good to respond, please also list your age and your state/country. Thanks.


4 Comments to “Pop Quiz, an exciting new feature at Janie’s Place….”

  1. For some reason, the first thing to pop in my mind was “frogs”.
    Swampland, USA, age 53… so obviously we can blame the flashbacks.

  2. Plague was the first thing that occurred to me. Then flu. Then swine flu.

    I spelt the first word as “plaque” and only noticed just before I posted this. Well, it is fairly widespread…

    • Ha! Don’t feel bad. I was preparing the rough draft for the paper that goes along with this survey and I miss spelled that word as plauge through the whole thing. Thank goodness for spell check!!!

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