Typhoon Rupert *or Janie is slowly succumbing to cabin fever

by Janie Jones

Because I’m sure you all are dying to know how Janie is spending her Summer Holiday. Because I’m sure you all just can’t wait to find out how I’m spending my every moment now that I’m free to blog at will….

It is the rainy season in the Great White North, where instead of getting 4 feet of snow, we get 4 feet of rain. Rupert, apparently, is deathly afraid of rain. It is bad enough he shakes and pants and cries, but then he positively refuses to go out and do his business.

Which can be a problem when you have monsoon force storms for 3 weeks in a row. We let him out in any break in the storm, and we even toss his little doggie butt out between breaks, because lets face it, breaks are not very common or reliable. In fact, I rushed out yesterday hoping to get some dog business done before things got nasty but unfortunately got caught. Not only was no dog business done, but the poor doggit became frozen with terror two blocks from home and had to be practically dragged the whole way back.

I don’t believe in umbrellas. They really don’t do any good anyway when the wind seems to blow bucket sized drops of rain at you from sideways and under. So, I had to towel off the dog, completely change my clothes, and dry my own hair.

But the worst part is not the little piles of doggie love we find later, and that is pretty irritating, it’s the unexpected wetness of plopping down onto the sofa into a huge puddle of dog drool because Rupert has been panting in fear for the last hour, apparently drooling in the process.

Oh, and no. That’s not doggie love. I wouldn’t post a photo of dog poop on my blog. I would, however, be so bored and sick of the crappy weather that I’d find an old photo of making Christmas Fudge and insinuate doggie poop.

I think I have a long day of Bookworm ahead of me. I wonder if you can get points for the word poop….


3 Responses to “Typhoon Rupert *or Janie is slowly succumbing to cabin fever”

  1. I’ve never played Bookworm, but if you can get over 9000 for viva, then poop’s got to be worth more.

    And where do you live, by the way? I thought our weather was crap (or poop).

    • I live near the Canadian border in Minnesota, USA. It’s basically an iceberg all winter, and a swamp all summer, or what passes for summer anyway. Last summer we were having a heat wave, it actually got above 85 degrees F more than 2 days in a row. Your neck of the woods is Ireland? I have heard Ireland is beautiful, but I know nothing about the weather. Up here, we get about 4-5 months of “warm” weather, but June is typically very wet and rainy. Minnesotans joke, but only half heartedly, that our “state” bird is actually the mosquito. By the time July rolls around we usually get some nice sunny 80 degree weather, and by the end of August it’s getting cold again. Two summers ago, on August 1st, we were at the state fair watching the draft horse pull in a down pour (spring rains never left that year) after the rain blew past, night fell and the temperature dropped to below 50 degrees F. So us Minnesotans just went to our cars and got our parkas to finish watching the pull. I could do without all the rain, (as could Rupert) but I hate hot weather, so over all I do pretty nicely up here. If you haven’t grown tired of reading my blog by December, you’ll hear all about the Great White North winters. Laughy Kate being in a different hemisphere likely thinks I’m nuts when I describe my minus 50 New Years day weather….


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