Just so the brain doesn’t rot whilst on summer holiday….

by Janie Jones

In my glorious 4 week holiday between my first summer class and my remaining summer classes I am taking great care to keep my mental faculties sharp.

Sharp as tacks.

Sharp as, Damn! I cut myself.

How, one may ask, does one do so?

Why, silly, by playing hour after hour of Bookworm. I mean, after all, it is the rainy season, and I’ve seen hardly 3 hours of sunshine all in a row in the last three weeks. I’ve read nearly every book in the house. Well, every book in the house that isn’t going to teach me something practical. Even on the cold, dark side of practicality we need some frivolity sometimes….

Anyway, I’m very impressed with myself and simply must share. I managed to score 9360 points on a single 4 letter word last night. VIVA. Yes, if you don’t play Bookworm, that’s a pretty good 4 letter word score. In fact, I think it’s my highest ever. I’m going to start a tally.

Well, I can’t afford to go to Cabo or Cancun. Humor me.

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