I have no idea what to call this post….

by Janie Jones

The spud is having swimming lessons this summer.

In the locker room she extemporaneously says, very loudly, while pointing to her bare chest: Harlee and Trey call these boobies.

Me: That’s a rather rude word. It is better to say breasts or even bosoms.

Spud: But Harlee and Trey call them boobies.

Me: That may be so but that doesn’t make it the proper word to use.

Another mom in the locker room who looks at least my age, the age where propriety is still valued and not considered a dirty word itself, smiles wryly: It is so difficult these days to teach kids proper language and decency, isn’t it.

Which is true. But, then I suppose no kid really cares about propriety until they grow up. Sadly it seems that the most recent generations have never grown up. It’s pretty sickening to see some of the “parents” that present themselves to pick up their kids at school.

However, I digress. It was a funny anecdote, and I think it is made even funnier by the fact that on the same day I had a site hit from the search topic “Janie’s Boobies.”

Coincidence? Yeah, but what a funny one.


2 Comments to “I have no idea what to call this post….”

  1. Hi, I came here after leaving a comment about your comment at laughykate’s house.

    And I like it here, it’s very entertaining.

    (And if I can make one suggestion about your daughter’s phone, make sure to get your family, yourself, whoever, to ring her on it a lot. I think my daughter was about ten when we let her get hers, but her real thrill would be when someone actually rang her).

    • Tinman,
      Welcome! And thanks for the compliments and the comments about the phone…. I do feel a little weird about it, but it is very obviously not the same world I grew up in. The verb, Parenting, is become a whole new monster.

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