Spudisms #6

by Janie Jones

A real conversation at breakfast the other day:

The Spud: Ooh, yummy butter on my biscuit.
Leif: You know butter is actually milk fat.
The Spud: No it isn’t.
Leif: Yes, it is.
Me: Why would you not believe that?
The Spud: Because butter isn’t milk fat.
Me: Then what do you think it is?
The Spud: Butt-er!
Leif: Where do you think butter comes from?
The Spud: Cows….
Leif: What part of the cow?
The Spud: Milk.
Leif: Yeah, what part of the milk?
The Spud (short pause as the hamster gets in to the wheel and begins to pump it’s tiny little legs): Well, you just mash the milk and stir it up a really long time with one of those stick things and you get butter.


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