Rupert, the Doggins

by Janie Jones

OMG!  It’s like been forever since I blogged.

Not because I didn’t love you all, but because school really sucks.  Combined with the joys of mothering a 6 year old and there just simply wasn’t time to breathe much less blog.

Besides, all I’d have blogged anyway was complaints about school.  Booooring.

But now I can introduce you all to Rupert, the new Jones family Doggins.  Isn’t he cuuuuute!

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3 Comments to “Rupert, the Doggins”

  1. Oh crap on a cracker! That face, in the third pic? How can you resist giving him everything he wants?
    I’d be knee-deep in kibble and dog toys by now.

  2. Generally speaking, it is very hard. However, he is deathly afraid of rainy, windy weather. So afraid that the little bugger refuses to do his dog business out side…. When ever I’m just tempted as Hell to buy him nothing but Prime Rib for dog dinner, I just remember his “love tokens” on the sewing room floor.

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