It sucks to be 6 today

by Janie Jones

So the spud has been earning “brownie points” for good behavior.  Today she decided to cash in her points for a trip to the movies.  She picked Rango.  She was very proud of herself for all her hard work and very excited to go to the movies, which we don’t do very often at Momma’s.

Sadly, it was a tumultuous day, and getting a reward for good behavior never sucked so much.  First, Momma didn’t realize that this morning was the turn-your-clocks-ahead nonsense.  So I had told her we were a little early for the movie, only to find out we were an hour late.  Poor spud didn’t quite understand why we were leaving without seeing Rango.  After many tears and a large amount of consolation which included an explanation of Daylight Savings Time and telling time in general and ended with the purchase of a wrist watch for the pathetic little spud, we returned to the theater to catch the next showing only to discover that Rango, though a PG rated Nickelodeon production was a little more mature in content and frightened the bejeezus out of the my normally anything but a shrinking violet child.

For my part, I thought it was an Awesome Movie.

But today definitely sucked to be 6.


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