If the average person uses 650,000 Cal of fossil fuels per day…

by Janie Jones

Good grief!  I hate word problems.

Another Chemistry test today, and I have had practically no time to study thanks to life, diversity class, and the pursuit of transfer credit.

I need a personal secretary just to get through school.

The weather outside looks nasty wicked.  Figures, seems the weather is always bad on a Friday so my trip home from school takes forever.

Oh, yeah and one more tidbit.  Apparently my local Walmars doesn’t sell road flares.  You can get a flare gun and boating flares.  But not road flares.  Yeah.  Go figure.  Why do I know this?  Because yesterday I was shopping for road flares for my First Aid Kit.  I get 20 extra points in my First Aid class for assembling all the “necessary and useful” items on the First Aid Kit list distributed in class.  So far, I’m doing fine in First Aid, but in case I accidentally kill Annie, or drown next Friday in the Water Rescue portion of class I thought I’d assemble the kit and have the extra credit on hand.  So I had to go down the street to one of the ubiquitous auto parts stores with catchy names.  They had just one box.  One.  I guess even if you’re not assembling a First Aid Kit for extra credit they are a hot item.

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