And so begins the insanity

by Janie Jones

School starts next week. My freedom ends and the insanity of being force fed liberal minded drivel begins.

I’ve managed to gag down two chapters in my “chemistry” book. I mean gag. The second chapter was on the ozone depletion problem. I’m not trying to say it’s not a problem, and that it isn’t important, however, I think the authors of the textbook could have been, and should have been, much more clinical in the presentation of the material. I just don’t see how exclamation points and word play jokes have any place in chemistry. I also just can’t help but feel patronized by the tone of the book.

I know I’m going to find the Health text just as dramatic. I only managed to peek at the first couple pages, but what I saw was not impressive. I suppose they expect the audience to be retarded 19 year olds. They can’t possibly expect the audience to be a person who actually has a clue.

“Aleesha always thought of health as something you worry about when you get older.” Begins the first sentence of the first paragraph of the first chapter, and the introductory statement ends with: “This chapter also extends an invitation to live more fully, more happily, and more healthfully. It is an offer that you literally cannot afford to refuse. The quality of your life depends on it.”

Good grief. The textbook and subject is so pathetic they have to try to convince you it’s worth your time by trying to make you think your very LIFE depends on worshiping the contents within. GIVE. ME. A. BREAK. Just give me the damn information with out your subjective smarmy talk. Does anyone remember what non fiction is? What it means to draw your own conclusions? Oh, that’s right, the left wing liberal baby boomers took our brains away from us and raised an entire generation of mindless boobs who can’t think for themselves and need the government to tell them to wear seat belts and their mommies and daddies to pay for their lame educations from texts that have to tell them that good health is ‘…a personal choice that you make every day when you decide on everything from what to eat to whether to exercise to how to handle stress.” Except that they can’t make those decisions because you took their brains, so now you need to tell them precisely how to do what should be common sense.

*sigh* I knew returning to college was going to be an exercise in frustration. I just didn’t realize that the textbooks themselves would contain such drivel. Allow the pathetic, transparent attempts at brainwashing to begin.


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