Disappointment at noon

by Janie Jones

Leif offered to take me to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch today.

Unfortunately, it sold to new owners. It was never 5 star cuisine, however, we liked it and it was a great value. The new owners raised all the prices, made the portions smaller, and the taste, while not bad, was not good either. And our favorite waiter left. So instead we were served by the blonde who tries to look 29 but is probably pushing 50, who has waited on us once or twice before the turn over, and though while not the sharpest crayon in the box by a long shot apparently understands the importance of making disappointed patrons happy and did her damnedest to convince us there were still reasons to come back, but we were not impressed.

Why does it always seem like once you discover something you really like you can’t get it anymore?


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