Oh, yeah, and happy new year

by Janie Jones

I have never really been able to understand the frenzy surrounding “celebrating” the new year. Typically, I’m not a night person, and not a booze hound, so forcing myself to stay awake until midnight just to say “happy new year” to whom ever happens to also be staying up and drinking their liver into oblivion in anticipation of said event doesn’t seem all that thrilling.

Yesterday night, however, even though I was exhausted at 10:30, Leif asked if I would like to watch Downfall with him. I kinda felt like a before bedtime cup of chai, so I said I’d watch for a bit while I drank my tea. Two and a half hours later the movie finally is over at about 1:15 in the a.m. Stumbling up stairs heading to bed I say, “Well, that was, um, what would one call it, gripping? I mean, it was the kind of thing that gruesomely holds your attention, kinda like watching a train wreck. Amazing too, how the whole movie was kinda the ending; two and a half hours of the longest ending known to man.”

“You must have liked it, you stayed awake through the whole thing. I thought you were just going to watch a bit while you drank your tea.”

“Me too. *Yawns* Oh, yeah, and happy new year.”

There was a slight pause, then a slow smile, and Leif says, “It is new year’s eve isn’t it?”

“No,” say I, “It’s new year’s day.”

*Sighs* “Riiight. I completely forgot.”

“Oh well, good night.”

So if any one who actually cares is reading this, happy new year to you!


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