The world is coming to an end…

by Janie Jones

I emerged from my “vacation” to embark on a shopping frenzy, Xmas cash on hand.

And, what do you think happened?


I bought lunch for myself and Leif, a gallon of subzero wiper fluid, and two wire shelves. The shelves and the wiper fluid were on sale and put me back a whopping $14 altogether. Otherwise, despite the wad of cash, I couldn’t find anything frivolous I wanted. What is the matter with the post Christmas sales this year?!? I mean, seriously, there was nothing in deep discount I wanted to buy, and the deep discounts were few and far between.

*Sigh* I guess the universe is telling me to hold on to my money. But I tell you what, there area few things more depressing than getting cash for Christmas and trying really hard to spend it but coming home with all but enough to buy lunch and a few really boring items.



One Comment to “The world is coming to an end…”

  1. If you want something, get it, sale or not. If you don’t want something hold onto it till you do. I personally do not know how it feels to not want shit.

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