Back to business

by Janie Jones

Wow. I didn’t plan on it exactly, but I ended up taking a marvelous vacation.

The spud left with her dad to so south for the holidays on the 22nd, so with no one to worry about but myself and Leif, we basically had an unplanned vacation. I left the house once since the 22nd, and that was just to go to the bank on the 23rd. I did pretty much nothing but sleep, watch TV and eat. I would get up when I was damn good and ready, shower, put on clean jammies and my new Christmas present to myself, a fluffy red robe, and lounge about all day. Having done so much cooking for our Yule party, I didn’t need to do hardly any cooking the last several days either, which rocked.

The spud comes home tomorrow, and we are almost out of clean pajamas, so I have to get my poop in a group and get back to the real world today. *Sigh* It’s been super awesome.

Hope your holidays were just as peaceful.


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