Happy Solstice

by Janie Jones

As the spud will be spending the Christian holiday with her daddy’s family, at the Jones house we are having a Yule party today. In addition to the ubiquitous holiday frenzy of gift opening we are planning to feast all day. Just so you all can drool appreciatively, here’s our menu:

Yule Breakfast: Banana Muffins from scratch, of course, fresh fruit and ham ‘n cheddar quiche.

Yule Feast Meal: Salad with home made tzatziki sauce (cucumber dressing), sweet Vadalia Onion cream soup, rosemary roast lamb with leek, onion and red potatoes, home made pita and hummus, blackberry and raspberry Italian soda with cream, and for dessert, home made vanilla tapioca pudding.

And, for between meal gluttony we will be partaking in a variety of our family favorite appetizers and snacks: cheeseburger rye snacks, beef and cream cheese spread, cheddar ranch dip with chips and chopped veggies, assorted cheeses with salami and crackers, and, if we feel motivated to get out the deep fryer we have assorted store bought frozen goodies such as pizza rolls, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers and potato puffs.

Just to torture you further, I’ll post photos, and if you wish recipes, I’ll share. Just drop me a line.

I started cooking on Sunday, so I have minimal work to do today. I plan on taking a butt load of photos, eating until I sweat gravy and generally enjoying the fact that it has been snowing now for 24 hours straight. I don’t know the official reckoning, but here at my house I am thinking we are pushing a foot of snow accumulated so far.

Happy holidays to you all!

The Joyous Yule Carnage:


One Comment to “Happy Solstice”

  1. Looks like it was a blast! Happy Holidays!

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