Holey Smokes! It’s so huge! I can see my post from across the livingroom!

by Janie Jones

K. I’m not talking about Dr. Manhattan’s religion indicator. I’m talking about the behemoth I call my new laptop.

I had to purchase a new computer for school. Seriously. I didn’t choose to, it was a requirement that for certain classes I had to have certain computer functions, which my current baby didn’t have. So, I pointed my web browser to Tiger Direct. Actually, Leif did the shopping for me, taking much more delight in the project than myself. He found me a purty fancy new laptop, about twice as large as my little baby. And, it was on sale, which is an added bonus.

So, it arrived Thursday. Unfortunately I was coming down with a spud induced plague, so all I did was open the box and make sure everything was accounted for, insert the battery and plug it in to charge. Twenty-four hours later, Leif was all like: ‘WTF, you haven’t tried your new computer yet?!?

Because I didn’t want him to exploded from the anticipation of what the new Windows 7 operating system was like, I finally at 4pm turned it on and began the process of “Janie-fication” of my new computer.

It is a pretty cool computer, I suppose. However, I’m not in the slightest a techno-geek, so my main concerns are, can I read my blogs and will it let me access my banking accounts. Oh, and some email would be nice with the occasional photo editing ability. But darn it anyway, this thing is huge, twice the size of my baby mini netbook. While the bigger screen is rather awesome, the larger keyboard just doesn’t fit my tiny itsy-bitsy fingers. You have no idea the workout my spell check is getting.

Oh, and I also ordered a 16 gig zip drive. Way cool! I got all my music on one zip drive now, with room to spare. Tiger rocks. It was on sale too, for a mere $19.

It’s beginning to look a lot like vjtudynsd! (which is Christmas on a mini keyboard….)


2 Comments to “Holey Smokes! It’s so huge! I can see my post from across the livingroom!”

  1. What kind of computer is it? I want a new one…but I always want a new one even if I just got a new one.

  2. This is what I got, and damn! It went down in price another $30 since I ordered.


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