Two hours and forty-seven minutes of my life I won’t get back…

by Janie Jones

… but there was a superfluity of glowing blue penis, so that probably makes it okay. In fact, it was the first movie I can think of were you saw full frontal and rear male nudity and no female nudity except a hint of nipple. Huh. I guess the film makers figure if it’s the glowing blue anatomy of a superhero instead of that of a real actor running around naked in most of the movie then there is no need to do all that tricky blocking of the genitalia. All I have to say is, it’s about time male anatomy gets the same treatment as female. I mean, I’m kinda tired of watching even just your basic films where they seem to think nothing of filming a woman completely naked but when a man is naked there’s always something blocking the crotch. I think it’s about time filmmakers stop being prejudiced against male anatomy. It deserves equal screen time, and as women are forced to endure naked women, men should be forced to endure naked men more often.

Oh. You might wonder what movie I speak of, if you aren’t already ‘familiar’ with the religion indicator of the character of Dr. Manhattan.

Last night we watched The Watchmen. And when they say it was based on a graphic novel they must have meant one of those deep, philosophical, artsy-fartsy type graphic novels that you need a Cliffs Notes guide that is twice as many pages as the graphic novel it analyzes to be able follow the plot and which characters are which.

I do believe it took me the first 2 hours to figure out who was who and what was going on. Then, I have to say the ending was rather convoluted. Probably one of those types of movies that assumes you read the graphic novel and are a huge fan. Or perhaps you have to watch the movie a dozen times to fully understand who all the players are. Or watch it with someone who won’t keep playing high-low with the volume remote.

But Leif and I both agree the fight scenes were fun. I guess overall I liked the movie, because I keep thinking about it. And, despite what you might think, I mean the actual story not the glowing blue penis, that part was just a bone-us.


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