A little ramekin of heaven

by Janie Jones

Down by the lake shore in the city of ___ is this amazing Italian restaurant that Leif and I discovered last summer.

We were in town today for various reasons, and we splurged on lunch.

I just want to say that while everything was excellent, from the Italian soda to the salad and sandwiches, they serve gelato made by hand in house which is absolutely to die for. Last time we had lemonchello and peach flavors. They had neither today, but they did have maple walnut.

It may not sound particularly auspicious, but one word: AMBROSIA.

I am now going to bed to dream of my own personal heaven in a ramekin, and when I awake on a soggy pillow it won’t just be from drooling as I sleep, it will be on account of my mouth watering for dream gelato….


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