Ketchup of life

by Janie Jones

Ketchup is the condiment of comfort and youth. It’s likely the first condiment you experience and no matter how your palate matures, you come back to its simple, thick and tangy sweetness again and again.

Today, December 3rd is the Ketchup friends of life day. Even though I’ve mostly out grown them, I nostalgically keep the relationships alive.

Gwen is probably the oldest friend I had. I met her when we were eleven. We were nearly inseparable from 14 to 18. I thought she was like a sister, and perhaps that is were the problem lies. I’m just not good at the whole family thing. Any way, Gwen also has a December birthday, but after she took the parent’s side in last spring’s drama I am thinking that this may very well be the last year we enjoy the ketchup we bring to each other’s banquet of shit sandwiches. In honor of the past, your present is on the way, via USPS. In return I’d like an apology. As I haven’t gotten one yet, I don’t expect to see one, so enjoy this last bottle of Heinz.

Suzette is a relatively more recent addition to the ketchup friends. She is the only friend who calls me to chat. Mostly it’s because she wants to unload. That’s okay. She has more kids than I can imagine, and for several years they were also like my kids by proxy. Suzette and her kids give me hope, seeing how they’ve triumphed over the vagaries of fate. To you, I will be mailing your present via USPS, but I also wish you the last of the Miracle on 34th street wishes: you already have the new dad, and the baby brother, now I wish you the beautiful mansion, yours, however, per your choice in sunny Cali.

Roxanne is a friend from relatively far back. I’ve been her support and she mine through several life dramas. We are mostly email pen pals, but there have been times when that virtual life line has been a life saver. Roxanne reminds me that someone always has it worse. As sad as that thought is, I thank you for your inspiration. Your present will also be coming USPS, in return I ask you stop sending forwards with computer viruses attached. Thanks love.

Happy Birthday, to me. Thanks to all, the ketchup has been delicious.


One Comment to “Ketchup of life”

  1. Happy happy birthday!!!

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