I’m not above laughing at myself, or too much information shared…

by Janie Jones

So apparently, Leif was up half the night on one of his insomnia cycles watching a samurai movie in the TV room, which happens to be in the basement, yet shares the same heat vent with my room. This is a huge vent, or perhaps an air return, what really do I know about HVAC? Any way, when the lights are on in his bedroom or the TV room I can see it through the vent. One can also hear almost anything through said vent.

Now that you have set the scene, Leif thought, I hope the volume isn’t too loud and keeping Janie up (don’t worry, I’d very lady-like, holler through the vent “Turn the f@&king TV down” and actually the TV is usually less annoying that the sound of him playing asteroids well into the night *grimaces*). Later, he came upstairs to get a late night snack and, from the kitchen, which is on the opposite end of the house, he says he could very clearly hear me snoring and rattling the windows in the process. “Guess the telly wasn’t too loud….”

The next day he felt compelled to share this story with me. Hey, I can’t help it if I snore. And, let me tell you there have been times I’ve heard him snore through the floor. But I digress from what is meant to be the humorous climax of this pointless bit of personal interest.

Miri has been talking about werewolves. She can “hear” them outside howling *makes whooshing noises.* I’ve laughed and joked about the wind being werewolves. However, now I wonder, perhaps it’s Momma’s snoring that she’s hearing….


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