It looks so yummy and innocent…

by Janie Jones

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The pie that poisoned Janie was circular filed today. But, on the upside, I still have ice cream. With fresh berries.

I had meant to have berries and french toast for breakfast today, but the spud decided that the raspberries were a good pre-breakfast.

*7:15 am*

Spud: Momma, I’m hungry.

Me: Go get yourself a banana, some cheese or a hot dog. I’m not ready to get up just yet. Later I’ll make a big breakfast.

*fast forward to 10 am*

Me: Are you going to have french toast or are you full from your pre- breakfast?

Spud: I’m hungry.

Me: What did you have?

Spud: Well, the bananas were to green and they were too hard to open so I just had raspberries. The blackberries were just too sour.

Me: Oh, the blackberries were too sour *opening the ‘fridge* Good grief! I guess you did eat raspberries. There’s only five berries left.

Spud: I just ate the raspberries. They were good. The blackberries were sour.

Me: Yes. You mentioned that.

So, now I can have 5 left over raspberries on my ice cream instead of with french toast.

The blackberries, by the way, were also delectable, what does an almost-six-year-old palate know anyway?


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