Ohh. Mah. Gaaawd.

by Janie Jones

The verdict is in. I am addicted to my computer.

The plague that had afflicted my baby in the end required geek to motherboard interface. The local geek squad had my baby for 5 days. I got my precious back mid afternoon on Monday. But by then I had a shit pot of work to catch up on to prepare for yesterday which was (queue inspirational sound track) Advisement and Registration at my new top choice location for higher education. More on that later.

But I tell you what, I often go a few days with out checking my email, or blogs. Hell, I’ve been known to go a few weeks with out blogging if I’m busy or the muse is missing. But to just know you can’t whether you need to or want to is enough to drive you nutters.

Actually, I guess that’s not saying much, as who’d really notice the difference, but you know what I mean.

So 5 days and $75 bucks later my precious is now surfing like she’s brand new. I can even read Look A Baby Wolf now with out having to browser hop. I was thinking, “Wow, that was like, totally worth the $75.” Until yesterday, that is, when I find out that I am required to have a lap top for school. One that has to have a DVD/CD rom. Damn it all to Hell anyway. My baby netbook, of course, does not. Now I must purchase a new one after all, and on top of the $75 to repair this one.

Is the universe laughing at me? Yeah, probably.

One Comment to “Ohh. Mah. Gaaawd.”

  1. I’m very very flattered you considered me a good thing. You’d be surprised how many don’t. Call my former guidance counseler if you don’t believe me. Oh, the things that woman thought of me…. tsk.

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