Let’s hope I see you on the flip side

by Janie Jones

Well, my computer still has the plague.

I’ve tried everything I know to do, which admittedly isn’t much, except running the recovery program.

I have spoken to a couple of computer repair geeks, and short of actually looking at my baby they say it will probably run between $75 and $100 to fix what is most probably a virus.

So, before I drop almost half what I paid for my little netbook laptop in the first place, or just, in disgust, purchase a new one, I’m going to be brave and shove the scary huge atropine needle directly into the proverbial heart. I’m going to attempt to run the recovery program and reinstall the factory defaults myself.

Hopefully, I’ll be back shortly. Unless I ruin things more.

One Comment to “Let’s hope I see you on the flip side”

  1. Oh noes! It has rabies!!!

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