Now we’re getting somewhere-sort of

by Janie Jones

Cool beans! Got my college acceptance letter.

Unfortunately, they are making me take two years of foreign language and intermediate algebra. *Errrrrr* I think I have a lot to say, but I’m just going to hold my tongue.

So now I just have to set up a meeting with an adviser, register for classes, and file for financial aid.

Baby steps of progress are being made.

However, I do think I should be able to complain to some person of influence at the county/state. My social services councilor sends me this poorly worded form letter saying I make too much money on unemployment to qualify for medical assistance. That alone is a rant I could wax on for some time, but I’ll restrain myself, as my fingers don’t want to do that much typing. However, in the bottom of this retarded form letter, there is a statement which defies grammar and sense.

(Name spelled wrong)
You are over for our health care by $169 – you need – a bill to open your case thru us for over $169 – you can reapply at that time – but you need a bill first and then you will need to reapply——-
You are ineligible for (state abbreviation) care – as you have to have no other insurance for 4 months – so in February – you can request an application and send it to (state abbreviation) care – but they will need verification that your other health insurance ended on 10/31/10
You are denied – once you get a medical bill over the / $169 – you can reapply at that time.
(worker name)/intake

Now I ask you, does this sound like a clear letter written by someone who’s job description requires a 4 year college degree? What the f&@k is with all the dashes and slashes? And is it mentally impossible for this person to complete a grammatically correct sentence?!? Perhaps it is like a telegram.

You are a *stop*
blooming retard *stop*
How did you*stop*
Get your degree *stop*
And how dare you *stop*
try to make me feel *stop*
like I am a burden *stop*
on our government *stop*


So apparently the county/state would rather wait until I’m deathly ill then have me apply for insurance. At that point I would be put on a state medical assistance program that would get stuck paying 100% of everything over $169. However, if they let me start on an actual state insurance plan, I could pay a monthly premium plus a copay for services.

How exactly is that a fiscally responsible government plan?

And the Democrats are trying to ram government health care down our throats? The existing programs don’t even work. What makes anyone think a federal program would be better?!?

Oh well. I guess I’m waiting 4 months. Good thing I’m not going blind quickly. Or requiring regular monthly medications.


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