Is there a doctor (read I.T. geek) in the house?

by Janie Jones

I still am experiencing a computer pox.

I don’t know much about computers, beyond the basics:

Are you sure it’s turned on. Yes.
Are you sure it’s plugged in. Yes.
Have you checked? Yes.

Where are Roy and Moss when you need them?!?

But, I am pretty sure that when I’m getting security warnings popping up saying “threats identified” but my virus scanner can’t find them there’s probably a problem. That, plus, I can’t access any account using Google Analytics (from any browser anymore), I keep getting these annoying quizzes popping up despite my pop up blogger wanting me to complete a survey to see if I’m human, and although I can access the internet, my Baby has lost the wireless router- how that works confuses me, but as I’m still able to reach out and touch the www I’m not complaining. At least not over much. I don’t think. But is it too much to ask for things to work as they should?


I have one more stupid non computer geek idea to try. If I disappear from the internet for a while you know my plan backfired.


One Comment to “Is there a doctor (read I.T. geek) in the house?”

  1. H was having difficulties loading up a new game to his machine and finally asked for my help. I replied in my best bored Roy voice “Have you tried turning it off and on?”

    I’m zero in the techie dept. but it sounds like a virus to me.
    Yeah, like you didn’t know that already. I can offer sympathy, as I know computer problems make me frantic, like the very fabric of the universe has betrayed me.

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