That’s what friends are for– in good times and plague times

by Janie Jones

Any one notice the prolific blogging yesterday?

That is because I was recuperating.

Out of the blue Saturday night I came down with a strange plague. It started with an excruciating right sided headache in the evening and by 10 pm I was barfing my brains out into my trash bin in bed. Thankfully, Leif and his night-owlism was still awake and he could hear me pathetically howling for help.

Nothing illustrates a friend’s devotion to you like his willingness carry your puke bucket out in the dark of night and deodorize your room. He even was so thoughtful as to offer the fragrances of apple pie or fresh linen. Now if that isn’t friendship, I don’t know what is.

When I woke up again to puke at midnight, he got dressed and heated up his Jeep to take me to the ER. However, by that time the headache was mostly gone, and after the second bout in which I couldn’t imagine there being anything left to puke, I felt so much better I just wanted to sleep. So I did. Just in case I changed my mind, Leif slept on the sofa in the living room so he’d hear me call if I had a relapse. I made a complete recovery, no additional ER gallantry necessary, but the offer and the gesture of being on the watch was touching.

Recovery notwithstanding, I took the misery of the night before as being a good excuse to do nothing, and the spud being with her dad, I just chilled all day until Halloween trick or treating started at 5pm.

Unfortunately, it seems as though my computer has now caught a plague. This is very disturbing. If I am not around much in the next few days you’ll know I had to take my baby to the Geek Squad.


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