On the blog again

by Janie Jones

I have missed my blog.

Where has the time gone?

Any way.

I was laid off from work. It’s okay, I knew it was coming and have a plan in place. I am returning to school, hopefully in January. I got caught up on almost all my bills, stocked up on essentials and put a little money aside for the lean times to come. A certain someone who so loves to tease me about being OCD will now see me reap the benefit of planning for the long financial winter of my lay off and impending educational diversion. Planning ahead has even afforded me the ability to go so far as to say I was looking forward to a little time off, and I had grand plans for filling those 8+ extra hours a day when I wouldn’t have to be at work with blogging, projects and household work that have all been sadly neglected.

Where has the time gone?

Any way.

I’ve been wanting to have a Grand Opening Celebration for my new blog. I used to blog at another address and well, that blog just didn’t feel right anymore so I gave it up, then I missed it, so I started a new blog here. WordPress has proved to be a bit difficult for my itsy-bitsy Janie brain to comprehend, so I’ve been at times too frustrated to blog. But I’m getting better.

I digress.

I found I missed blogging because it was a way to vent or brag with out the nasty side effects of people you actually know feeling the need to give you advice or assistance. Why is it when you are sitting face to face or on the phone with a person and you just want to share something that they feel the need to make you feel better or devalue what you say?


But here I can say what I feel. And the blog friends I’ve stumbled upon and have never actually met or spoken to can usually be relied on to respond more appropriately than the people who actually know me.

So I am going to dump some info because I need to get it out of my brain.

Here goes:

I have to file a shit load of paperwork with the Fed Gov to get unemployment, the state to get insurance, again with the Fed Gov for Pell Grants and student loans, the local workforce administration for assistance with school, the educational institution(s) to enroll and the County Agency for energy assistance. I also have to get proof of immunization and update any expired vaccinations. This in and of itself constitutes a full time job.

I wanted to get my house really, really clean. I made a paltry beginning.

I wanted to finish my mending and alterations, then get on the “fun” sewing projects. I haven’t even set foot in the sewing room. No, I lie. I did go in to drop a bunch of shit on the daybed that I dug out of another closet where it was in the way.

I wanted to play with my beads. I love to make jewelry. I don’t know what I’ll do with it. Mostly it sits in a box when it’s done. I think of it as therapy. It makes me happy, even if it serves no purpose. Needless to say, I haven’t sat down for a minute to my beads.

I wanted to get into my exercise routine again. I was going to walk every morning. It has rained 8 of the 13 days since my last day of work. I have done some exercise inside the house, and I have the aches and pains to prove it, so I suppose that is actually a good thing. I look disparagingly at my goals and think it is much easier to put on 35 pounds than to lose it. Yes, I gained 35 pounds in the last 2 years. Aaaagh. I don’t want to contemplate how much money I’ve had to spend on re-wardrobing my two-clothes-sizes-bigger ass.

And, I had to make a trip to Kans-Ass. I really f@&king hate Kans-Ass.

I must go attend to the Spud now.

But there will be more.

Where has the time gone?

2 Comments to “On the blog again”

  1. And might I just add, from having been there, as they say, and who the hell is “they” anyway, chatty little bastards, aren’t they? But anyway… having all the plans and projects helps keep the brain busy so it can’t worry. I do that a lot, to derail my naturally worrywartism. It gets to be fun.
    And I’m glad you’re all bloggity again.

    • “They” are chatty bastards aren’t they. Thanks. I just wish Firefox didn’t hate google-analytics so I could read your blog more often. It really chaffs my hide to be denied my Lee Ann-in-Podunkville fix.

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