Janie Gumbo

by Janie Jones


Some people say business travel is a vile anathema. There have been times over the last 4 weeks when I would have agreed, but right now I just can’t remember why.

Tonight my room was upgraded to a jacuzzi suite.

Is 30 minutes too long to soak in a hot tub? Definitely not, if you don’t mind looking like a craisin when you are done.

*Sigh* It’s moments like these, when I’m getting paid to soak in a hot tub and eat cheesecake in bed on top of my regular salary that I start to think I just might miss this job.

But I’ll arrive at the office at 0800 tomorrow and Marcy will remind me of how glad I am that I will be unemployed on October 16th with all the grace and subtlety of a brick through a plate glass window.

Check out time isn’t until 1100.

*Cough*Hack*Wheeze* Maybe I’ll come down with some freak illness and have to call in sick tomorrow. Better to use those 80 hours of sick time than lose them when I get laid off….

Cheers. I’m going to take a muscle relaxer and stone my steamy craisiny self to sleep, and I just might not notice the bed is as hard as a wood plank.


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