I could stand on that rock forever

by Janie Jones

I have been having a serious love affair with one of the most heavenly bodies ever.

A body of water that is.

Today we had weather producing gusts of wind of at least 25 miles an hour. So, I did what any crazy in love fool would do: I drove down to the shore and climbed up the bluff. Yes, in the midst of gale force winds, breaking waves and drizzle. It was awesome.

Stormy weather does amazing things to the Big Lake. There is just no way to describe it, but you know that scene from Titanic that everyone makes fun of, where Rose is standing on the railing at the bow of the ship and has her arms thrown wide? Well, I imagine this would feel kinda like that only even more exhilarating. The only thing that could ever ruin such an experience is knowing you really can’t stand on a rocky cliff forever.

Not that a photo could ever do such a sight justice, but man! I need a camera that doesn’t eat batteries faster than you can say “cheese!” so I can get some photos of my beautiful lake shore.


One Comment to “I could stand on that rock forever”

  1. I love “bad” weather. I love the ocean in the winter. It is the only time I go to the beach. Fact.

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