Fantasy Football is for the people who used to beat up the people who played Dungeons and Dragons

by Janie Jones

Tonight I was Shanghai-ed into going to a Fantasy Football draft with Carol.

Need I really say more?

Not sure where I’m going with this? Well, let me tell you it was so boring.

How boring was it? It was so boring it made spending the day listening to Marcy explain why she needs a color ink cartridge for a black and white printer sound thrilling.

On the up side, I found a real honest to God agate on my walk this afternoon. I was with Carol, and now she has this thing she pesters me with:

“I just found an agate!”

“Hey, I found an agate!”

“Look, it’s an agate!”

I don’t know why, but it is kinda funny. Then again, we also found the fact that Carol locked herself in the bathroom hysterical. I mean so hysterical we laughed for about 15 minutes. The kind of laughing where you cry and pee your pants, or at least would pee your pants if you hadn’t just peed before locking yourself in the bathroom. Perhaps spending this much time in constant company with Marcy has finally affected our brains.

Brains… Brains…. We are now zombie employees….

It’s been a long short week.


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